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Dia de Pesca – San Jose, CA

Got a hankering for some sí-food today so D & I happily trotted to a little discovery we made this past summer:  Dia de Pesca. It’s a charming taqueria specializing in seafood tacos. San Jose is blessed with many great taqueria spots, but it sure is a nice change from the typical asada and carnitas variety.
While I can certainly appreciate complex types of dishes,  specially the work that goes into creating them.  Dia’s approach is one I am always impressed with –  it’ simplicity. To illustrate my point:  their crab tacos. It cosists of chunks of crab meat,  seasoned just enough to bring out the natural sweetness of the crab. Its complimented with grilled bell peppers and shredded cabbage for some crunch.  Lastly, this little master piece is topped with a little guacamole sauce. See? Simple –  Delicious – Not Overwhelming

D opted for their special of the day: shrimp and tilapia enchiladas.  I preferred the red sauce paired with the shrimp enchilada.  What’s notable about their enchiladas is that it is not too cheesy.  I know I know –  be still, cheese fans.  It’s my preference not to overstuff food with cheese. In my humble opinion, dishes should have a balance.  Too much of one ingredient takes away from the whole thing –  unless one has something to hide 😛

This is a place that’s a great hangout on those hot summer days. Help yourself to some of their aguas frescas to hydrate. The place has a patio area next to their roach coach kitchen to enjoy. But if you’re not much of an outdoor diner,  theres plenty of room inside. A visit during the winter time is a definite recommendation to remind you of the warm days ahead. 


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